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Employment Opportunities in South Africa

Looking For Employment Opportunities? First Know What Mistakes Not To Make If you are looking for employment opportunities on, then know that there are some common mistakes that job seekers make and you should avoid. You know the basic steps: download a CV format, fill in the fields, go through preparing for an interview, […]

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Public Sector Government Vacancies

The public sector, sometimes known as the state sector or even the government sector, is part of the country that are responsible for either the development, ownership, purchase, provision, delivery and allocation of products or services by that country. The public sector government vacancies would fall under national, regional or local/municipal. Government employment went from 1.1-million to 2.8-million in the […]

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Using a CV to Get You a Job

When it comes to looking for a job it is amazing the amount of people that almost skim over writing their CV as if it were nothing.  They seem to think just throwing down some dates and companies will help them with their progression. The problem is such an attitude skips over what the employers […]

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How Cover Letters Can Get You an Interview

Do you always include a cover letter when you are applying for a job? If you do then you are certainly in the minority.  And yet a well written cover letter can almost secure you an interview all by itself. If you are looking for a way to get a ‘leg up’ on the other […]

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Call Centre Jobs in South Africa

Call centres jobs in South Africa have grown to be a hot subject in media with customers complaining about bad service, companies outsourcing to other nations and poor working conditions. Call centre jobs in South Africa is basically customer support work that’s done on the remote basis using telephone and/or computer equipment. The two kinds of […]

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