Call Centre Jobs in South Africa

Call centre jobsCall centres jobs in South Africa have grown to be a hot subject in media with customers complaining about bad service, companies outsourcing to other nations and poor working conditions. Call centre jobs in South Africa is basically customer support work that’s done on the remote basis using telephone and/or computer equipment. The two kinds of answering services company tasks are inbound, by which calls are received, and outgoing, by which calls are created. A call centre job might be home-based; however, many sales departments come with an on-site location with 100’s of employees. In the fundamental make up, the key role of the call centre is its responsibility to handle the incoming queries of a company from the public.

A call centre representative is the one who handles incoming or outgoing customer requires a company. A call centre agent might handle account queries, customer complaints or support issues. Call centre agents contact clients through a number of means-on the phone by e-mail, fax, or regular mail correspondence or personally. Some customer support reps handle general questions and complaints, whereas others specialise based on the service or product. The service needs of clients change from one request to a different and really should be treated accordingly. To have a good call centre agent managing the calls, can remain polite and useful is key to what organisation will be looking for.

Employment possibilities

Many call centres jobs in South Africa happen to be placed in places were there have been location grants or loans available. These incentives encourage firms to relocate there, because the area might have had high unemployment. Consequently the call centre is becoming an essential employment tool for those areas. Additionally, call centres jobs in South Africa provide important employment possibilities to various sorts of people. Youthful people beginning on a job or which you may after school or college parents coming back to operate after taking care of their kids, part-time work with students as well as old people searching for routine jobs. Additionally, the minimum abilities needed by many call centres incorporated the opportunity to speak with clients nicely over the telephone and just how to utilize a PC along with a keyboard. Only a couple of other jobs can provide such diverse possibilities and for that reason they’re an essential sector of employment.

The Call Centre Manager needs to possess the experience, abilities and persistence to handle many of these components together. Each element is difficult to manage in its own right – in no better type of economic are you currently expected to reply to a person within 20 or thirty seconds after which have the ability to answer all of their queries immediately inside a competent, friendly and joyful manner. Call centres have become in reaction to this growing customer demand, using technology to aid staff to better manage communication to their clients. To handle a phone call centre you need to predict when and just how many calls will produced by clients to be able to organise the demand of these clients. Any alternation in the level of calls or the amount of individuals to respond to them will have an affect on the amount of time a person might have to wait. So a supervisor will need to know how to act on the spot and become excellent at juggling various situations at the same time!


Satisfying Aspects for call centre jobs in South Africa

– Good employment possibilities

– Good pay

– Enjoyable working atmosphere


Demanding aspects

– Call centres might be crowded and noisy

– Work might be repetitious and demanding

– Lengthy periods spent sitting, typing, or searching in a monitor could cause eye and muscle strain, backaches, head aches, and repetitive motion injuries

– Some call centres operate 24 hrs each day, 7 days per week. Changing jobs are common – weekend or holiday work also might be necessary



Customer support agents play a vital role in supplying an interface between customer and company, and that’s why companies look for individuals who can act in a friendly and professional manner. The opportunity to deal with problems and complaints and also to remain respectful when dealing with difficult or angry people is essential to the job. The opportunity to speak a language is definitely an advantage.

Additionally a call centre agent will need the following needs:

• An enjoyable telephone voice that conveys truthfulness and confidence

• resolve for supplying good customer support

• Good written and oral communication abilities

• Organisation and multi-tasking abilities

• The opportunity to work individually or included in a group

• The opportunity to remain interested and focused when repeating information

• The opportunity to think rapidly and react to complaints easily and respectfully.


School Subjects

National Senior Certificate is really a standard requirement

It might be a benefit to possess a degree or diploma; however a NSC is really a requirement to accomplish a learnership programme.

Compulsory Subjects: None

Suggested Subjects: It, Languages, Computer Programs



Even though some positions for call centre jobs in South Africa may need previous industry, office, or customer support experience, many customer support tasks are basic level. Customer support tasks are frequently good opening positions right into a company or perhaps an industry. In some instances, experienced employees can progress within the organization into supervisory or managing positions or they might transfer to areas for example product, by which they are able to use their understanding to enhance items and services. Operating as well as in-service training is also recommended to a successful call centre operator.

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