Driving Jobs in South Africa

If life on the open road sounds like your occupation, pursuing a career for driving jobs in South Africa could be for you. As with most occupations, driving vehicles for a living has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people who enjoy driving, enjoy being outside rather than sitting in doors doing an office job. The downsides include long hours, often at various times such as early mornings or late nights when the roads are less busy. Dealing with other road users who may not understand the challenges of driving a large vehicle is also a challenge. This makes it all the more important that you drive carefully and thoughtfully as you don’t want to be in an accident that will harm yourself and others.

When travelling, drivers with driving jobs in South Africa must anticipate challenges when they enter the world of driving jobs in South Africa. In order to meet the physical demands of driving jobs in South Africa you must be fit and strong to be able to handle the physical demands put on drivers.  To be employed for driving jobs in South Africa, you must have a certain level of fitness. Driving a heavy truck is physically demanding and you will become fatigued and normally you will have to load and unload the contents at various destinations. If you are unfit you will naturally tire faster than those who keep up a certain level of fitness.  You will also need good eyesight and hand-to-eye coordination to meet the various conditions of the road. Various medical conditions might prohibit you fro being a truck driver so make sure that any conditions you do have don’t affect your ability to operate and drive a vehicle. You will be on the road for long periods of time although you might be taking shifts, make sure you are fit to drive.

There isn’t a set level of education that is required for driving jobs in South Africa, but must employers would like there drivers to have a High School qualification or the equivalent.  There is no university degree for driving, but you will need a minimum level of experience and education. You will also need a drivers license before getting employed by passing both practical and theory exams at the relevant department. Driving jobs in South Africa require a full driving licence, usually with no history of arrests from driving. Depending on the role drivers may require a certain level license to drive larger vehicles as various vehicles need different licenses. A couple of years of experience driving locally will usually be required before an employer will consider you for a long-distance truck driver role. Truck drivers are usually just given a delivery address, so the ability to work out the best routes will put you at an advantage to the rest.

When you have a driving job in South Africa you will generally be carrying some sort of load. Some products need specialist drivers and specially designed vehicles in order to meet regulations about the load. Various loads may include liquids or gases, bulk goods and live stock. So it is very important to know how to handle driving safely with these loads as you don’t want to cause any accidents.

With lots of doorways accessible to you, there are lots of possibilities and varied roles available, so you’ll not be bored or seem like you are stuck inside a dead-end job. For various Driving jobs in South Africa visit the page: Driving Jobs in South Africa



  1. Hello im a 34 years old male with a code 10 wich is got prdp and ive got 3 years experence,and in 2015 ive upgrade it to code 14 so please can u help me with a job please,ur help will be mutch appreciated thank u.

  2. Khaya Mabanga says:

    Good day

    My name is Khaya Mabanga and have vast experience for years in driving and service industry should I be contacted will furnish you with my cv and required documents.

    Your response would be appreciated.

  3. i am a 30years guy looking for a job as a driver.i have code 10 drivers licence with pdp.

  4. Plis help me with a code 10 with pdp job basrd in johannesburg.I’m 26 years old desparetly in deed of a job my licence is 6 years old

  5. Hi I’m leavy Hlungwani 28yrs male i m looking for a job as a driver I have code 10(C1)and a matric certificate

  6. Abram Tlou says:

    I’m code 10 driver looking for a job, i speak Afrikaans and english and stay at soshanguve

  7. Hi Lefa a male of 27yrs with code 10+pdp and matric. Fluent in English:Afrikaans and S/Sotho. I’m in Free State. 0710862374

  8. Hi I’m Linah Phohu,im looking for de driving job,im 29 yrs old

  9. Im 26 yrs i have drivers licence lookng for a work as a drivr frm limpopo

  10. Driver I’m looking for job need plz halp me my number is 0799290317

  11. Pat Moodley says:

    Good day, I am presently a retired policemen, looking out to fill a position as a manager. I have strong admin and managerial skills. I have a valid code 08 drivers licence.I am patient and a good listener. 0723922351



  13. puleng Monama says:

    Hey am the guy who is looking for a drivers jobs my number around 0832560723

  14. Hi m thabo m looking for a job i have a code 10 c1 i have good skills in driving im responsible for the safety in the road. My contact 0827172232

  15. Sandile Belton Masango says:

    I’m sandile Belton Masango I’m from Nelspruit. I have matric and a code 10 (c1) driver license. Well known that all the life of those who are on the road they life depending on me. I love been out enjoying the long distance I also have a passport.
    I do my best in the working environment.
    I can work in a group.
    I can work alone.

    I would like to be part of the family of S A road.
    I’m the young energy youth that you looking for. Can start ASP.
    Cellphone number (072 515 5382/084 445 9249)

  16. Hi im Lwazi 25 years of age i have matric and a license code 10 with pdp i have a driving experience and i know locations im available immedietly on 0711417618

  17. muziwakhe says:

    I am currently unemployed now but I have 10 years experience in the driving and transporting people in different provinces. I have a code 10 licence with pdp and I have no accident under my name and I have no criminal record under my name.

  18. I am a good drive and also have the protection
    skills including difence skills. i can be of good use
    and can drive long distances including working
    overtime hours.0724939171 or 0724402130

  19. am good drive ., have time management , know different locations . Who is always there . My number is 0840711521

  20. am good drive ., have time management , know different locations . Who is always there

  21. Khanyisani says:

    My name is Khanyisani Ndwandwe,I’m 20 years old. I finished school in 2012 and I’ve been seeking for a job since December 2012 until now but hasn’t got one. I am still young,well educated and I got experiences for some other jobs eg. Brick layering. I got code 10 license and I’m a well trained driver. Here are my digits:0782940831

  22. I truly belive that when I’m on the road safety comes first and many lives are on my hands.

  23. My contacts no 0781796391,I’ve matric n code 10 driver’s licence

  24. raphela robert sebati says:

    I am a good drive and also have the protection skills including difence skills. i can be of good use and can drive long distances including working overtime hours. my number is 074 512 0891

  25. raphela robert sebati says:

    I am a good drive and also have the protection skills including difence skills. i can be of good use and can drive long distances including working overtime hours.

  26. musa shibakwa says:

    Iam intrested please contact me @ 0826582105

  27. Sibusiso aphane says:

    I’m good and safe driver

  28. hey please help i rilly need a job am a good drive,this is my number 0746808381 or 0827945887

  29. This is the everest thing I wish for, m dedicated in driving n mostly for work. Taking things seriously n hard working

  30. Driver:I am a hard worker,ambitious and i am sure that i can a positive contribution….cell 079 245 8040

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