Graduate, Intern & Trainee Jobs

Graduate jobs in South Africa exist in companies large enough to need a constant flow of new talent that can be trained up for management roles in the future. A graduate job is sort of like a entry level job that requires some sort of qualification.

Gradute jobs normally exist on some sort of structured formal graduate training programme. They typically focus on training and development of the candidates which sometimes leads to a professional or postgraduate qualification.

Internships are different to a job or graduate job where normally undergraduates are looking for work experience related to their studies. Internships in South Africa will be offered by employers for a limited period of time. Internships in South Africa could be part time during the year or full time during holidays. Internships can also be both paid and unpaid. Internships in South Africa offer future employees valuable experience in the industry related to their field of study.

These programmes can be found in several career areas sectors such as but not limited to finance, manufacturing, retail, science and IT companies which normally seem to have some sort of graduate program.

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