Assistant Director: Presidential Hotline

SALARY : R334 545 per annum (Level 9)
CENTRE : Pretoria

An appropriate B Degree/ National Diploma in Public Relations or Communications or related to the field, with 3-5 years relevant extensive experience in the communication strategy, Governance, research, report writing, negotiations, interpersonal relations, communication, facilitation, computer literacy, analysing conflict management, presentation and working in a team.
Strategic ability programme and project management, people management and empowerment, planning and organising, knowledge management, problem solving and analysis, results quality management, decision making service delivery innovation, change management, client orientated and customer focussed, planning systems Government programme of action, Public Service Regularity framework, Presidency policies and procedures information management and performance management.
Knowledge and understanding of the Presidential Hotline Functions
Receive and facilitate the investigation and resolution of presidential hotline enquiries and complaints.
Receive and acknowledge presidential hotline enquiries and complaints.
Register and create a database of all the enquiries and complaints received.
Facilitate the assigning of enquiries and complaints to relevant branches for resolution.
Provide constant feedback to the enquirer and complainant regarding progress in the resolution of cases.
Provide regular written and verbal reports to management concerning the trend of cases, areas that needs to be improved and non-adherence concerning the submission of responses in pursuit of turnaround times.
Monitor and facilitate the resolution of cases assigned to branches.
Liaise and follow-up with the affected branches within the department concerning the resolution of enquiries and complaints in order to expedite the process.
Assist in liaison with the enquirer and complainant for the submission of additional supporting information required for the resolution of cases.
Provide enquirer and 44 complainants with status reports regarding cases.
Make follow-up with the affected parties once cases have been resolved in order to gauge satisfaction levels.
Monitor logged corruption and fraught cases assigned to the department.
Liaise with counterparts in the Presidency in order to provide updates regarded escalated cases, the resolution of such cases, progress status and the provision of statistics.

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