Assistant Director: Tribunal Secretariat

REF NO: DOT/2017/16 (
Branch: Public Transport) (Chief
Directorate: Public Transport Regulation) (Directorate: Transport Appeal Tribunal) (Sub-Directorate: Transport Appeal Tribunal Secretariat)
SALARY : R334 545 R404 121 per annum, Level 09
CENTRE : National Office, Pretoria
CLOSING DATE : 18 September 2017

Degree) in Public Service Administration/Management/Transport Planning/Transport Transport issues and all related road transport legislation.
The following will serve as recommendations: Administrative procedures.
Applicable transport legislation and research.
Working knowledge of the NLTA and all other related legal statutes.
Knowledge and understanding of Court Procedures.
Sound knowledge of government protocol and processes.
Good communication skills (verbal & written).
Good reporting skills.
Good project management skills.
Liaison skills.
Knowledge of the PFMA and Treasury Regulations.
Analytical skills and observance of Batho-Pele principles.
Problem Solving.
Research and Investigation.

Assist with the management of the transport appeal tribunal.
Provide an effective secretarial function for transport appeal tribunal.
Receive and consider the noted -down for hearing.
Manage preparations for pre- and post-hearings assignments and meetings/venue/flights/recording equipment.
Provide technical support and guidance to transport appeal tribunal.
Process the lodging-fee payment after the hearing of the appeal.
Manage general correspondence/enquiries.
Liaise with stakeholders with regard to transport appeal tribunal.
Manage written correspondence from public, Auditor-General and other correspondence forwarded to Minister.

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