Assistant Directors: Budget Management 2 Posts

REF NO: PT 39/09/2017 Purpose: To assist with overseeing the budget process within the inter-governmental relations framework and ensure the credibility of the budget.
SALARY : R417 552 per annum, Level 10
CENTRE : Bhisho
CLOSING DATE : 29 September 2017

A Three year Degree (NQF level 7) or National Diploma (NQF Level 6) or Relevant Certificate of RPL (as assessed and awarded by a recognised institution of learning, with a minimum of 120 credits at NQF Level 6) in Financial Management economic environment at an officer level ( Level 7 or higher).
Knowledge and Skills: Knowledge of Microsoft Office especially for Advanced Excel, Graphs and Pivot Table Interpretation, Budgeting preparation and analysis, , Knowledge & application of PFMA & Division of Revenue Act (DORA), NTR, Risk management policies and practices and Economic Analysis.

Assist with the tabling of credible provincial main budget and ensuring that it is within legislated timeframe: Assist with the preparation for Budget achievability hearings for the previous year outcomes and first quarter performance.
Assist with the reconciling and balancing of summary tables such as EPRE and Adjustments Estimate for inclusion in documents submitted to National Treasury (NT).
Assist in providing technical assistance to departments on sectoral policies to promote fiscal discipline and with giving input into the preparation of the annual Treasury Guideline documents (Budget Preparation and Draft Estimates of Provincial Revenue and Expenditure (EPRE) Format) and issue Treasury Guidelines to department.
Assist in the preparation for the Budget guideline workshops with departments and public entities.
Conduct analysis on the key economic variables, their inter-relation and relevance for the budget.
Conduct analysis on the potential and constraints for growth and development and their interaction with governmental spending and revenue considering economic patterns/trends, Monitor the impact of previous fiscal policy objectives on selected economic variables.
Assist in evaluating that departments have protected their policy priority areas over the MTEF through expenditure reviews.
Provide assistance in analysing and reporting on expenditure trends through statistical and economical analysis in preparation for pre- and main MTECs.
Assist in the preparation of reports and presentations for pre- and main MTEC hearings to inform MTEF budget allocations.
Provide assistance and advice to the department on the process of aligning Strategic and APPs to budgets within performance Budgeting Guidelines.
Assist in the preparation of reports and presentations for pre- and main MTEC hearings to inform MTEF budget allocations.
Assist in reviewing the accuracy and credibility of MTEF database and economic analysis outlook of EPRE.
Assist with providing support to department and in ensuring that the Main budget is loaded on BAS and verify its accuracy.
Assist in ensuring that adjusted budget publications are within legislated timeframes and are at acceptable quality levels: Assist in ensuring that adjusted budget publications are within legislated timeframes and are at acceptable quality levels.
Assist with the preparation of a report on recommendations of the departmental roll over requests of conditional grant and equitable share for National Treasury and EXCO.
Assist with evaluating the requests for additional funding/bids as well as with the completion and submission of the database for the Adjustment estimate process and the carry through over the MTEF.
Review accuracy and credibility of Adjustment Estimates database.
Assist with the support provided to departments and ensure that the Adjustment budget is loaded on BAS and verify accuracy of loaded budget.
Provide assistance in ensuring compliance of departmental strategic plans (sp) and annual performance plans (app) and its alignment to national and provincial policy priorities: Monitor and manage the provincial budget alignment with strategic plans, annual performance plans and operational plans.
Assist with the monthly iym analysis on revenue and expenditure and with providing feedback to department: Assist department with the setup and workings around the completion of the IYM template.
Assist with the review of S40 cash flow projections as well as assess the credibility of submissions for equitable share and conditional grant allocations.
Prepare the weekly expenditure report that 102 will inform the monthly IYM.
Provide assistance in analysing and checking the completeness and accuracy of IYM submission.
Assist with the monitoring of the implementation of provincial budgets by assessing departmental revenue and expenditure to ensure achievement of service delivery targets through weekly and monthly expenditure analysis and reports.
Assist with the prepaing of the year-end close out report on both financial and non-financial performance.
Compare year-end IYM with pre-audited and audited AFS.
Assist with the analysis of quarterly performance reports (qpr) and in the provision of feedback to departments: Assist with the analysis and report on policy issues of the department as well as assessing the non-financial and financial performane information.
Prepare feedback letters to departments.
Assist with site visits undertaken and the reports that will inform budget and other policy decisions.