Assistant Manager: Nursing General

REF NO: ST 33/2018 (X1 POST) Component: Orthopaedics, Surgery and Opthamology
SALARY : R532 449 per annum Plus 8% rural allowance. Benefits: 13th Cheque, home policy requirements]
CENTRE : Stanger Hospital
CLOSING DATE : 31 August 2018

A Diploma /Degree in nursing plus Midwifery registration with the SANC as a Professional Nurse.
Proof of registration with SANC (2018 receipt).
A minimum of 8 years appropriate or recognisable experience in Nursing after registration as Professional Nurse with the SANC in General Nursing.
At least 3 years of the period referred to above must be appropriate or recognisable experience at a management level.
Current registration with SANC (2018 council Receipt) attach proof of working experience endorsed by Human Resource Department / Employer.
Knowledge, Skills and Competencies: Knowledge of nursing care and processes and procedures, nursing statutes and other relevant legal framework.
Knowledge and understanding of legislative framework governing the public service.
Good knowledge and understanding of HR and Financial policies and practices.
Basic knowledge of public service regulations.
Disciplinary code, human resource policies, hospital generic and specific policies.
Knowledge of code of conduct, labour relations and negotiation skills.
Knowledge of Public service Acts, regulations and policies.
Knowledge of SANC rules and regulations.
Good 55 communication, verbal written, leadership, interpersonal.
Problem solving, conflict management and decision making skills.
Knowledge and experience in implementation of Batho Pele Principles and Patients Rights Charter, code of Conduct and National core standards.
Team building and diversity management skills.

To exercise overall control on the departments, identify needs and formulate health care programs and oversee implementation thereof.
Ensure implementation and maintenance of clinical competencies and to ensure that scientific principles of nursing processes are maintained.
Evaluate patient care programme from time to time to ensure and make proposal for improvement that is supported by a strong work ethic.
Work hand in hand with members of the multidisciplinary Health team in the formulation of policies related to the area of responsibility.
Manage and supervise the formulation of procedures specific to the area of responsibility and to ensure that they are in keeping with the current statutory regulations and guidelines as well as the current codes of ethics.
Contribute to the development of clinical management guidelines and protocols for management of patients and to ensure that these support and acceptable level of care within available resources.
Be responsible for the effective and efficient management of human resources.
Contribute to a constructive relationship between his/her department and other departments and between personnel to ensure free flow of timeous and relevant information of significant issues.
Ensure proper use and control of all resources under her control, ensuring that operations remain within the budget.
Willing to improve her/him in order to manage in changing health environment.
Demonstrate effective communication with supervisors, other health professionals and support services personnel and junior colleagues, including more complex report writing when required.
Ability to direct a multi-disciplinary team to ensure good nursing care.
Able to manage own work and that of units reporting to the post, and to ensure appropriate interventions to enhance nursing services.
Able to develop and maintain a nursing service environment that promotes the rights of patients, advocating and facilitating proper treatment and care and ensuring that the principles of Batho Pele are adhered to.
Able to develop contacts, build and maintain a network of professional relations in order to enhance service delivery.
Demonstrate the required computer literacy to adequately manage information according to the requirements of the hospital.
Able to plan, maintain and control the nursing services budget for the relevant area.

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