Assistant Manager Nursing (specialty Unit)

Directorate: Primary Health Care
SALARY : R546 315 -R614 874 per annum (plus benefits)
CENTRE : Ekurhuleni Health District (Phola Park CHC)
CLOSING DATE : 25 August 2017

Basic qualification accredited with the SANC in terms of Government Notice R425 ( i.
Diploma/ Degree in Nursing as a Professional Nurse) plus a post basic nursing qualification with the duration of at least 1 year accredited with the SANC in terms of Government Notice R212 in the relevant speciality.
A minimum of 10 years appropriate /recognizable experience in Nursing after registration as a Professional Nurse with the SANC in General Nursing.
At least 6 years of the period referred to above must be appropriate /recognizable experience after obtaining the 1 year post basic qualification in the relevant speciality (PHC or Advanced Midwifery).
At least 3 years of the period referred above must be appropriate/recognizable experience at management level.
Competencies and knowledge should demonstrate an in depth understanding of project management, financial management, human resource management, computer literacy, 87 quality assurance management as well as PHC Management policies and practices.
Knowledge of norms and standards and quality assurance principles.

Coordinate, supervise and monitor all services in the facility.
Ensure adherence to Batho Pele principles.
Ensure accreditation of facilities to ideal clinic and national core standards.
Develop operational plans and ensure implementation of policies and guidelines.
Ensure availability and implementation.
Monitor performance of facility HIS indicators against set targets.
Develop quality improvement plans to address gaps.
Ensure correct data management, appraisal and development of staff.
Be able to utilize minimum resources optimally adhering to PFMA.
Demonstrate effective communication with all relevant stakeholders, submit reports, and attend meetings.
Form part of the sub-district management team and assist with the appraisal of Provincial staff in Local Government facilities.
Oversee provincial personnel in Local Authority facilities in the surrounding area regarding to all issues pertaining to province.
Able to work in multidisciplinary team.
Perform all other duties delegated by Supervisor/Manager.

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