Audit And Risk Management Committee Member

REF NO: CSP/30/2017
SALARY : The member will be remunerated in terms of the approved Departmental Arrangement in line with Treasury Regulations. The Audit committee member shall be compensated in accordance with, but not to exceed, the rates as issued annually by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Auditor-General of South Africa) rates.
CENTRE : Pretoria
CLOSING DATE : 22 December 2017

management, financial and accounting management of performance information and reporting, auditing experience, legal information and communication technology, corporate governance, internal controls and knowledge of government legislation.
Have the ability to lead and participate in the discussions, have a good understanding of the committee position in the governance structure, have the ability and capability to conduct the Audit and Risk Committee affairs efficiently and effectively.
Previous experience in serving in the Risk Management Committee will be an added advantage.
Candidate in possession of CRMA/CCSA/CIA will have an added advantage.

Provide advice to the accounting officer and management on the adequacy and effective implementation of risk management system in the department.
Provide advice and guidance on setting risk appetite and review risk appetite and tolerance levels.
Review the departments performance and Annual Financial Systems (AFS), review effectiveness of internal controls and ensure effective corporate governance.
Oversee the compliance with the PFMA and other applicable legislation and best practice.
Oversee the performance issues, information technology governance as it relates to integrated reporting.
Manage the functional performance of internal audit quarterly.
Ensure the monitoring of the implementation of a combine assurance from all the assurance providers.
Review the plans for both the internal and external audit.
The candidate should possess Risk management competencies, Internal and external auditing competencies, Accounting, Legal services, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and corporate governance competencies.

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