Audit Committee Member

REF NO: OTP 01/08/2018 (X1 POST)
SALARY : Remuneration and appointment will be in accordance with the Provincial Treasury Instruction Note No. 6 of 2014/15 – Framework for Appointment and Remuneration of Audit Committee Members. The Eastern Cape Office of the Premier hereby invites applications from independent, suitably qualified and interested professionals to serve as a member of its Audit Committee for a period of three (3) years. Applications are invited from the various fields of professions that will add value to the Department. Audit Committee Members are appointed in their personal capacities as members of the committee in terms of the PFMA, and not as employees.
CENTRE : Bhisho
CLOSING DATE : 31 August 2018

A Relevant Post Graduate Tertiary Qualification (NQF level 8) in either.
Accounting/Finance, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Human Resources Management, Governance & administration, and Monitoring & Evaluation.
with at least 5-10 years of proven experience in serving the public sector at an equivalence of a Director level or higher.
Prior experience in participating in governance structures of Government Departments and/or Public Entities.
such as Audit committees, risk management committees, etc.
(Minimum prior experience of participating in two (2) governance structures).
Be a member of a recognised professional body and have the requisite CPD hours.
A thorough understanding of the regulatory framework within which the government operates in the public sector.
Knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing the Public Sector is essential, especially facing co-ordinating Departments.
39 Candidates should possess the following attributes and skills: Independence, Objectivity, Integrity, strong leadership skills, analytical reasoning abilities and good communication skills.
Willingness to dedicate time to the activities of the Audit Committee.
(The Department already has certain skills on the existing audit committee membership.
and is therefore looking for specific skills to supplement the mix).

The Audit Committee is an advisory committee that assist the department in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with regards to Internal Controls, Risk Management and Governance.
The oversight statutory roles of the audit committee is in terms of the PFMA, Treasury Regulations and other applicable Regulatory Frameworks.
The Audit committee will be required to conduct its duties in accordance with an approved Audit Committee Charter.
Help to strengthen objectivity and credibility of financial and non-financial reporting.
Monitor the reported weaknesses, control deficiencies and make recommendations for improvement.
Review compliance with legal and regulatory provisions.
The Department will hold a minimum of four (4) Audit Committee meetings per financial year.

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