General Workers/cleaners x46 Posts

SALARY : R90 234 – R106 290 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : Buffalo City Metro: Zabalaza Primary (200200914) – Ref No: EDU54/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Metiele Primary (200200465) – Ref No: EDU55/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Ekuphumleni Primary (200200146) – Ref No: EDU56/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Breidbach Secondary School (200200058) – Ref No: EDU57/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Breidbach PS (200200057) – Ref No: EDU58/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Mlakalaka (200200484) – Ref No: EDU59/06/2018(X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Zanempucuko SSS (200200925) – Ref No: EDU60/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: De Vos Malan HS (200200252) – Ref No: EDU61/06/2018 (X2 Posts) Buffalo City Metro: Nomfuneko JPS (200200606) – Ref No: EDU62/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Balasi PS (200200029) – Ref No: EDU63/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Mnxesha SPS (200200490) – Ref No: EDU64/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Luytenville L/HP (200200720) – Ref No: EDU65/06/2018 (X1 Post) 68 Buffalo City Metro: Qongqotha LHP (200200065) – Ref No: EDU66/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Bulembu L/HP (200200727) – Ref No: EDU67/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Rayi PS (200200400) – Ref No: EDU68/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Madakeni PS (200200266) – Ref No: EDU69/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Ilitha SPS (200200018) – Ref No: EDU70/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Andile Ntsepe L/HP School (200200160) – Ref No: EDU71/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Emncotsho (200200580) – Ref No: EDU72/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Ngxwalane (200201032) – Ref No: EDU73/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Embekweni PS (200200849) – Ref No: EDU74/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Tolofiyeni PS (200200730) – Ref No: EDU75/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Richard Varha HS (200300764) – Ref No: EDU76/06/2018 (X2 Posts) Amathole East: Willowvale SSS (200300449) – Ref No: EDU77/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Ngwenze SSS (200300107) – Ref No: EDU78/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Gcina JSS (200100012) – Ref No: EDU79/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: J.S. Skenjana (200300153) – Ref No: EDU80/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: LM Malgas SSS (200300202) – Ref No: EDU81/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Caley JSS (200300042) – Ref No: EDU82/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: Adelaide Gymnasium (200100942) – Ref No: EDU83/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: Fort Beaufort Special School (200200684) – Ref No: EDU84/06/2018 (X2 Posts) Amathole West: Phandulwazi Agricultural School (200200816) – Ref No: EDU85/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: St Matthews High School (200100014) – Ref No: EDU86/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: Adelaide Primary School (200200877) – Ref No: EDU87/06/2018 (X2 Posts) Amathole West: Upper Cata Primary School (200200128) – Ref No: EDU88/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: Douglas Ross Primary School (200200922) – Ref No: EDU89/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: Zamukukhanya Primary School (200200787) – Ref No: EDU90/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: Sivuyile Primary School (200200817) – Ref No: EDU100/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole West: St Matthews Primary School (200200914) – Ref No: EDU101/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Mbobothi SSS (200300256) – Ref No: EDU102/06/2018 (X1 Post) NMM: Bergsig Special School (200100060) – Ref No: EDU103/06/2018 (X2 Posts)
CLOSING DATE : 20 July 2018

Abet with no experience.
Good communication skills (written and verbal skills) and a good command of English language.
Acceptance of responsibility and be able to identify learner needs and strengths.
Acceptance of responsibility.
Promote welfare of learners and motivate learners to build self-esteem.
Create opportunities for learners to participate in activities.
Ability to learn.
Willingness to work with learners.
An understanding of Public Service principles.
Appropriate experience will be an added advantage.

Has a responsibility to clean hostels, classrooms, grounds school facilities and ablution facilities blocks.
Ensure that all facilities i.
Buildings, grounds, gardens are well maintained and kept neat and tidy.
In the garden dig, fertilize soil, plant seeds or transplant seedlings by hand, cultivate, spray, harvest fruits and vegetables.
Responsible for the removal of refuse for both hostel and school premises.
General domestic duties, like fixing of broken windows, taps, gutters, doors, lights etc.
Request, purchase and control of cleaning material.
Undertake inspections daily on the neatness of buildings and premises.
Report any damages to property.
Promote and uphold the rights of children.
Have patience and willingness to support learners unconditionally.
69 DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS The Department of Human Settlements in the Eastern Cape is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.
Females and disabled persons are encouraged to apply.
Employment Equity targets of the Department will be adhered to.
APPLICATIONS : Post to: The Director: Human Resources Management, Department of Human Settlements, Private Bag X13008, Cambridge, 5206.
Hand Delivery: Human Resources Section, Room 1, Steve Tshwete Building, 31 33 Phillip Frame Road, Chiselhurst, 5206.
Ntozini CLOSING DATE : 20 July 2018 NOTE : Applications must be submitted on the Application for Employment Form (Z83) obtainable from any Public Service Department or go to www.
za and should be accompanied by a comprehensive CV, including at least two contactable and Identity Document (with an original certification stamp).
The Z83 form must be signed by an original signatures.
It is the responsibility of applicants in possession of foreign qualifications to submit evaluated results by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).
All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a technical exercise that intends to test relevant elements of the job.
Applicants must quote the relevant reference number for the post as advertised.
For SMS post: Females and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply and will be given preference and short listed candidates will be required to undergo competency assessments.
If you have not been contacted within three (3) months of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.
The Department of Provincial Treasury welcomes people with disabilities and they may be given preference.
All short listed candidates will be required to undergo pre-employment screening.
All the appointments are subject to security vetting results.
Applications from all racial groups are welcome.
However, in making appointments to the posts the department will give preference to some employment equity target groups based on the Employment Equity Plan of the Department.
Failure to submit a comprehensive CV, academic qualifications and the signed Z83 form will result in the disqualification of the application from the process.
Applications received after closing date will not be considered.
No faxed/email applications will be accepted.
For SMS posts Females will be given preference and for all posts people with disabilities will be given preference.