Manager: Training And Development

REF NO: MTD/HRD/2017/08-1P
SALARY : R657 558 per annum (all-inclusive package)
CENTRE : Pretoria
CLOSING DATE : 01 September 2017

A recognized 3 year tertiary qualification (at least 360 credits) in Human Resource Development or equivalent three year qualification with 6 experience in the training and development environment of which should include a minimum of three years proven management/supervisory experience.
Computer literacy that would include a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office products, especially Microsoft Excel and Word.
Knowledge of Skills Development Act.
Knowledge of Training and Development.
Knowledge of PFMA.
Knowledge of Finance Management.
Ability to build strong network relationships.
Analytical skills.
Ability to communicate at all levels (verbal and written).
Problem solving.
Outstanding customer orientation.
Project management skills.
The successful candidate will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks which include, but not limited to the following: Alignment of education, training and development with skills requirements: Oversee the development of training manuals.
Ensure compliance with the prescribed ETD standards.
Ensure alignment with performance management-related processes.
Co-ordinate ETD research at the organizational, sectoral and national levels.
Interact with guardian committees to assist in the design and development of integrated learning programmes.
Ensure compliance with national training standard of accredited providers.
Ensure accreditation of learning programmes and related service providers.
Ensure the effective delivery of learning programmes.
Engage in the management of the research and development of learning programmes and delivery mechanisms.
Ensure the recognition of prior learning and experiential learning.
Design, implement and maintain quality assurance systems to evaluate ETD quality and its impact on organizational performance.
Develop, implement and maintain Service Level Agreements with line managers and employees.
Ensure the certification of successful learners.
Facilitate and align training opportunities and individual requirements with bursary opportunities.
Ensure that Training and Development practices and outcomes support their intended objectives.
Support the promotion of a culture of life-long learning.
Ensure implementation of outreach programmes to market programmes and the training opportunities of the department.
Manage training budget.
Manage, implement and assess the impact of Internships and Learnership programmes: Oversee the compilation of monthly, quarterly and progress reports on Interns and Learners.
Ensure alignment with the Workplace Skills Plan regarding Internship and Learnership requirements.
Ensure that all obligations are adhered to and make efforts to ensure implementation meets targets.
Facilitation of Induction and Re-orientation programme for the GPAA: Oversee the effective management of the induction process.
Advice the Department on the best practices regarding Induction/Orientation.
Facilitate and evaluate the effectiveness of the Induction and Re-orientation programme.
Manage the development and implementation of the training strategy, policies and Standard operating Procedure (SOP): Oversee the maintenance of a secure and comprehensive database system relating to education, training and development in the Department.
Support the development and implementation of the comprehensive communication and awareness programmes in support of skills development.
Evaluate impact of processes and submit related reports as prescribed.
Submit consolidated Workplace Skills Plans for the Department.
Submit quarterly and annual training reports against the implemented Workplace Skills Plan.
Oversee implementation of management development, ABET, artisan training and work integrated learning or experience learning.
Component management: Set, agree and monitor performance of direct reports, check that it is aligned with planned targets.
Allocate work according to the individual workload, expertise, and developmental needs of the individual.
Identify development and succession planning requirements.
Ensure employment equity compliance.
Monitor that outputs achieve business requirements.
Facilitate staff productivity and efficiency, minimizing absenteeism and turnover figures.
Motivate staff through the implementation of various reward mechanisms.
Facilitate departmental communication through appropriate structures and systems.
Manage the budget of the unit and monitor expenditure patterns as per the prescripts.