Medical Manager

REF NO: CH/15/2018 (X1 POST)
SALARY : R1 115 874 per annum All-inclusive package. Other Benefits: 22% rural allowance and compulsory commuted overtime.
CENTRE : Ceza District Hospital
CLOSING DATE : 31 August 2018

MBCHB Degree plus current HPCSA registration as Medical Practitioner.
Minimum oas a medical practitioner.
NB: Please attach certificate of service.
Recommendation: Diploma in HIV Management.
Diploma in O& G, Communicable diseases, medicine, child health/ pediatrics or degree in Family medicine.
Knowledge, Skills, Training and Competencies: Broad clinical knowledge, competency and skills in general clinical domains such as medicine, pediatrics, obstetricsand gynaecology and surgery.
Knowledge of relevant health and public service related legislation, Policies and procedures.
Knowledge of strategic documents e.
Knowledge and experience in District Health System.
Knowledge of ethics.
Knowledge of Health Information System and Decision making skill.
Good communication, leadership, team building and motivation, computer skills.
Good supervisory, planning and organization skills.
Knowledge of Employee Performance Management Development System (EPMDS).

Manage the provision of safe, ethical and high quality medical and allied health care at Ceza Hospital and associated PHC facilities.
Provide support and supervision to all Medical and Allied health staff (including pharmacy, radiology, rehabilitation, dietetics, Oral health, social work, optometry, and psychology).
Actively participate in the institutional strategic and operational planning and monitoring and evaluation processes.
Manage and facilitate the formulation of Medical and allied health service policies and procedures and ensure that these are in line with the current statutory guidelines, regulations and code of ethics.
Ensure the provision and development of protocols and guidelines to Medical and allied health personnel by: Strengthening clinical governance in the institution.
and ensuring cost effective and efficient use of resources-including human and financial resources and monitoring and control of blood product and laboratory investigations.
Plan, manage and control of resources allocated to Medical and allied health.
Manage performance of medical and allied health staff.
Ensure regular skills audits and ensure staff development and training.
Maintain discipline and deal with grievances and labour related issues in Terms of the laid down procedures, in medical and allied health section.
Assist with information management and analysis.
Ensure accurate records are maintained for all health records in accordance with legal and statutory regulations for the continuity of care.
Monitor and control overtime in medical and allied health sections.
Ensure HR policies and regulations are implemented.
Assist with pro-active recruitment of medical and allied health professionals.
Conduct clinical and record audits, morbidity and mortality and perinatal mortality reviews.
Conduct service assessments and ensure medical and allied health sections participate in quality improvement projects and surveys to improve clinical quality and patient satisfaction.
Assist with analyzing Adverse Events.
Ensure compliance with National Core Standards and Ideal Clinic Realization Model.
Provide leadership to clinical risk.
Deal with medico-legal issues e.
reports, clinical privileges, risk management.
Full participation in management, financial and human resource committees of the institution.
Develop Integrated Primary Health Care Service in Ceza Sub District.
Assist with quarterly reviews of programmes.
Be a member of management meetings e.
Executive Management Committee (Exco), Extended Management meetings, Clinic and Hospital Cash Flow meetings, Institutional Health Technology, Quality, Infection Prevention and Control, Health and Safety and Disaster Management etc.

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