Operational Manager Nursing (speciality: Psychiatry)

Directorate: General Specialists and Emergency Services
SALARY : R499 953 (PN-B3) per annum
CENTRE : Lentegeur Hospital

Minimum educational qualification: Basic R425 qualification (i.
diploma/degree in nursing) or equivalent qualification that allows registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) as a Professional Nurse.
A post-basic nursing qualification with duration of at least 1-year, accredited with the SANC in Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Science.
Registration with a professional council: Registration with the SANC as Professional Nurse.
Experience: A minimum of 9 years appropriate/recognisable experience in nursing after registration as Professional Nurse with the SANC in General Nursing.
At least 5 years of the period referred to above must be appropriate/recognisable experience after obtaining the 1-year post-basic qualification as mentioned above.
Inherent requirement of the job: Valid code (B/EB) drivers licence.
Competencies (knowledge/skills): Ensure that clinical nursing practice rendered by the nursing team and promote quality of nursing care as directed by the professional scope of practice and standards.
Demonstrate a good understanding of HR and financial policies and practices.
Word and Excel literacy, Knowledge of FBU functions and management (ability to work collaboratively within FBUs).
Appropriate/recognisable experience working with in the Acute Psychiatric Services.

(key result areas/outputs): Coordinate, supervise and control nursing services.
Ensure the provision of optimal, holistic and specialised nursing care within the set standards and a professional/legal framework.
Effectively manage the initiation, utilisation and supervision of all resources and the execution of quality care and sound financial management.
Co-ordinate the provisioning of effective training and research to maintain professional growth, ethical standards and self-development.
Provide effective support to nursing services and hospital management by managing the hospital after hours, when the need arises.