Operational Manager: Primary Health Care (x8 Posts

SALARY : R532 449 R599 274 per annum (OSD)
CENTRE : OR Tambo District: Bika Clinic Ref No. ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/BKC/01/06/2018 Bityi Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/BTC/01/06/2018 Centuli Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/CENC/01/06/2018 Gengqe Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/GENC/01/06/2018 Philani Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/PHILC/01/06/2018 Sakhela Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/SAKC/01/06/2018 Tabase Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/TABC/01/06/2018 Tyelebana Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/TYEC/01/06/2018 Ngcolorha Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/TYEC/01/06/2018 Ngcoya Clinic Ref No: ECHEALTH/OM-PHC/TYEC/01/06/2018
CLOSING DATE : 13 July 2018

Basic qualification accredited with the South African Nursing Council in terms of Government Notice R425 (i.
Degree/ Diploma in Nursing) or equivalent qualification that allows registration with the South African Nursing Council as 99 a Professional Nurse plus a post basic nursing qualification with a duration of at least 1 year in Curative Skills in Primary Health Care accredited with SANC in terms of Government Notice R48.
A minimum of 9 years appropriate/recognisable experience in nursing after registration as a Professional Nurse with SANC in General Nursing.
At least 5 years of the period referred to above must be appropriate/ recognisable experience after obtaining the 1 year post basic qualification in the relevant specialty.

Supervise and ensure the provision of effective and efficient patient care.
Ensure clinical nursing practice by the nursing team in accreditation with the scope of practice and nursing standards as determined by the Department of Health.
Maintain good interpersonal relationship with nurses and other stakeholders (i.
e interpersonal, inters cope and multi-disciplinary) team.
Promote quality of nursing care as directed by the professional growth/ethical standards and self-development.
Take part in the turnaround strategy, PHC Reengineering, strengthening of National Core Standards and Ideal clinics.

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