Professional Nurse Speciality Grade 1/2

REF NO: HRM 26/2018: (X5 POSTS)
Directorate: Theatre
SALARY : Gr. 1: R362 559 R420 318 per annum Gr.2: R445 917 R548 436 per annum Other Benefits: Medical Aid (Optional): Housing Allowance: Employee must meet prescribed requirements.
CENTRE : King Edward VIII Hospital
CLOSING DATE : 13 July 2018

Matric/Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification, Degree / Diploma in General Nursing, registration with S.
as a General Nurse and Specialty Nurse, one year Post Basic registration Degree/Diploma in relevant specialty plus 4 years appropriate / recognizable registration experience as a General Nurse, proof of current registration with SANC.
Knowledge, Skills, Training, And Competencies Required: Knowledge of nursing care processes and procedures, nursing statutes, and other relevant legal framework, good communication skills-verbal and written, Co-ordination and liaison skills, problem solving skills.
1: A minimum of 4 years appropriate/recognizable experience in nursing after registration as Professional Nurse with SANC in General Nurse.
2: Minimum of 14 years Appropriate/Recognizable experience in Nursing after registration as professional nurse with SANC in general nursing of which 10 years must be appropriate/recognizable experience in the specialty after obtaining the one year post basic qualification in the relevant specialty.

Assist in planning/organizing and monitoring of objectives of the specialized unit.
Provide a therapeutic environment for staff, patients and public, provide comprehensive, quality nursing care, provide direct and indirect supervision of all Nursing Staff/Housekeeping staff and to give them guidance and ensure continuity of patient care on all level, demonstrate effective communication patient and families with the multi-disciplinary team, other department within the hospital, assist with allocation/change list, day and night duty rosters and inputs for leave, assist in record keeping and provide statistical information on training and staffing, to assist in EPMDS evaluation of staff and implement EAP, assist in orientation, induction and monitoring of all nursing staff, to complete patient related data and partake in research, promote quality specialized nursing care as directed by scope of practice and standards determined by the relevant specialty, to assist with relief duties of the supervisor and act as junior shift-leader on both day and night shift, to partake in overall specialized unit functions, i.
team building, effective and efficient management of all resources.

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