Regional Communication Coordinator: Ngaka Modiri Molema District (mahikeng)

REF NO: 3/1/5- 19/87
Directorate: Provincial Liaison: North West
SALARY : R376 596 per annum (Level 09)
CENTRE : Ngaka Modiri Molema District (Mahikeng)
CLOSING DATE : 18 October 2019

Applicants must be in possession of an appropriate three (3) year degree (NQF level 7) or National Diploma (NQF level 6) in Communication or related qualification Experience: Three (3) years communication experience and one (1) year should be experience at salary level seven (7) or eight (8) or supervisory level, with knowledge of communication disciplines, including media liaison, research and development communication The applicant must have an understanding of 21 development communication, and knowledge of the North West Province with specific insights in the Ngaka Modiri Molema District and its local Municipalities.

The successful candidate will be responsible to support the Deputy Director: Liaison in the implementation of a strategic government communication function in the Ngaka Modiri Molema District as follows: implement key communication projects guided in line with government priorities and in accordance with the guidelines for development communication practice and platforms as developed by GCIS Provide strategic communication support in the district, including the monitoring and supervision of the work of the district based communication interns or learners assigned to the region, including their administrative and operational functions, and report these to the Deputy Director: Provincial Liaison Ensure the establishment and where necessary review and strengthening of communication coordination structures in the District to ensure the effective cascading of government communication content especially to leaders and structures of local government across the District The candidate will support all initiatives aimed at strengthening Local government communication system through interface with strategic IGR structures at local level The candidate will further provide communication support in various integrated service delivery models of government such as the Thusong service center programme The successful candidate will also be responsible for the development and maintenance of effective high level stakeholder relations in the region with a bias towards civil society, minority groups, local government and traditional leaders A strategy to this end will be one of the first necessary deliverables Coordination and implementation of rapid response requirements in the District as well as writing articles on government developments in the region from time to time The regional coordinator will also be responsible for the revision and development of a new regional distribution strategy for government information products The successful candidate will additionally, on a regular basis, be required to develop local communication environment assessments of the District for use by various stakeholders and clients with required communication interventions recommended.

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