Scientist Manager

REF NO: 060718/05 Branch Operational Integration Limpopo
SALARY : R805 806 per annum (all inclusive package) (OSD)
CENTRE : Limpopo
CLOSING DATE : 06 July 2018

MSc Degree or relevant qualification in Natural Sciences.
Six (6) years post-qualification Natural Scientific experience.
Compulsory registration with the SACNASP as a Professional Natural Scientist (proof of registration must be attached).
Programme and project management.
Scientific methodologies and models.
Research and development.
Computer-aided scientific applications.
Knowledge of legal compliance.
Technical report writing.
Creating high performance culture.
Professional judgement.
Data analysis.
Policy development and analysis.
Scientific presentation.
Strategic capability and leadership.
Decision making.
Financial management.
Customer focus and responsiveness.
Good communication skills .
Computer literacy.
Good networking, planning, organising and execution.
Conflict management.
People management.
Change management.
Problem solving and analysis.

Manage the Sub Directorate Water Resource Information Management comprising a groundwater assessment & information dissemination unit, groundwater management & monitoring unit, a hydrological &hygrometry unit, a core drilling unit, a percussion drilling unit, a mechanical maintenance unit, and an administrative support unit.
Manage and co-ordinate the assessment of existing and new groundwater resources in terms of their occurrence, quality and exploitation potential.
Manage the appropriate development of groundwater resources.
Manage the execution of geophysical surveys, borehole census, both core- and percussion drilling programmes, pump testing programmes, and water quality sampling programmes.
Interpret and evaluate geophysical, geohydrological, hydro-chemical, and hydrological field data.
Compile technical reports for planning, assessment and development purposes.
Manage the implementation, operation and maintenance of both groundwater, surface water monitoring networks and river flow gauging structures including betterment works.
Manage groundwater and surface water data collection, data processing, data archiving (Hysteria), and reporting.
Manage and evaluate hydro geological, hydrological data and report on the status of Limpopo water resources.
Manage and report on water resource status (groundwater levels, dam levels and river floe) during disaster events such as drought and flooding.
Represent the department at Provincial Disaster Committees and Joint Operations Committees.
Manage and maintain an early warning real time flood warning system and confirm and report on flood events.
Manage and maintain the regional GRIP project and related 42 groundwater database both regional and national.
Manage and maintain the continuous updating of borehole data in the region by means of borehole census and maintain the issuing of unique borehole numbers.
Manage and maintain the mechanical workshop responsible for the servicing, repairing and maintenance of all the sub-equipment.
Manage the long term Phakisa vehicle fleet as well as the drilling and construction vehicle and equipment fleet.
Manage and maintain the Supply Chain, Human Resource, and Finance components of the sub-directorate.
Advise water users and managers on groundwater development, management and protection.
Educate and inform communities/public/school children of the basics and management of groundwater and surface water.
Disseminate groundwater and surface water information to local authorities and individuals.
Provide a professional service to the directorate Planning and Information and the Department as a whole.
Provide geohydrological, hydrological training and development opportunities to both scientific and engineering technicians and interns.
Manage the budget and the performance of the Sub Directorate against the operation plan targets.