Security Officers x14 Posts

SALARY : R107 886 – R127 086 per annum (Level 03)
CENTRE : Buffalo City Metro: De Vos Malan HS (200200252) Ref No: EDU23/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Nomfuneko JPS (200200606) Ref No: EDU24/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: JM Mvebeza SSS (200200290) – Ref No: EDU25/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Zanempucuko SSS (200200925) – Ref No: EDU26/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Mnxesha SPS (200200490) – Ref No: EDU27/06/2018 (X1 Post) Buffalo City Metro: Athenkosi L/HP School (200200024) – Ref No: EDU28/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Gcina JSS (2003001070 – Ref No: EDU29/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Willowvale SSS (200300764) – Ref No: DU30/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Ngwenze SSS (200300449) – Ref No: EDU31/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Enoch Mamba (200300086) – Ref No: EDU32/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Fort Malan JSS (200300098) – Ref No: EDU33/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Mbobothi SSS (200300256) – Ref No: EDU34/06/2018 (X1 Post) Amathole East: Ndabankulu SSS (200300420) – Ref No: EDU35/06/2018 (X1 Post) NMM: Bergsig Special School (200100060) – Ref No: EDU36/06/2018 (X1 Post)
CLOSING DATE : 20 July 2018

Basic Security officers course and basic education and training.
Good communication skills, good customer care.
An understanding of Public Service principles.
Knowledge of the access control procedures, Knowledge of measures for the control and movement of equipment stores.
Knowledge of prescribed security procedures and the authority of security officers under these documents, Acknowledge and accept of responsibility.
Promote welfare of learners and motivate learners to build self-esteem.
Good communication skills (written and verbal skills) and a good command of English language.

Has a responsibility to identify officers /employees, learners and visitors.
Draw up menu under the guidance of the School Management Team.
Patrol school grounds, buildings and fenced off areas.
Escort visitors in the premises where necessary.
Ensure that facilities, premises vehicles learners and staff are safe.
Assist in the implementation of school safety policy.
Apply basic communication skills in interacting with the children.
Keep the necessary visitors register.
Issue admission control cards to visitors and receive them back.
Good communication skills and Good Customer Care.
Open gates on arrival and departure of visitors at the Institution.
Check supplies, articles and objects where necessary before allowing visitors in.
Have patience and willingness to support learners unconditionally Promote and uphold the rights of children Report on breakages, theft and damages to school property to the Principal /School Management Team (SMT).