Senior Admin Officer: Transport

REF NO: SE2019/09/35 Sub
Directorate: Finance & Administration Unit: Office Service Pool
SALARY : R316 791 per annum
CENTRE : Sedibeng East District
CLOSING DATE : 20 September 2019

An appropriate recognized three (3) years National Diploma/Degree in Transport vant experience in Transport.
Knowledge of Transport policies (Subsidized and g-Fleet vehicles).
Knowledge of legislative frameworks applicable in the public sector.
Good managerial and Supervisory skills, good interpersonal skills, organizing ability, computer skills (e,g.
Key competencies: Training on Electronic Log System (ELS), Financial Information System (FIS), Financial and Risk management and Policies regulating the use of Government vehicles and logistic scheduling.
Knowledge of vehicle tracking system.
Knowledge of subsidized vehicle application system (Affordability Calculator).
Ability to track vehicles on the ability to lead, work in a team as well as alone, ability to work under pressure and meet the deadlines.

Supervise, render g-Fleet and subsidized vehicles administration services within the Department.
Verify the submission of log sheets at the end of the month.
Administer the cost-effective utilization of government-owned fleet and subsided vehicles, eliminate and reduce fruitless expenditure.
Supervise the issuing of g-Fleet vehicles in GDE.
Validate the g-Fleet and subsidized vehicles asset register.
Facilitate the requisition of vehicles for special project e.
Exams from g-Fleet during exam time.
Liaise with the line management with regard to all relevant matters pertaining to Fleet Management.
Prepare monthly/ quarterly reports g-Fleet vehicles and subsidized vehicles.
Prepare and distribute relevant documents for the Subsidized Motor Transport Advisory Committee.
Implement decisions taken at the Subsidized Vehicle Advisory Committee meetings.
Verify vehicle fuel claims and other related payments to Service Providers within prescribed timeframes and procurement policies.
Facilitate the requisition of subsidized vehicles.
Implement transport policy within GDE.
Provide inputs on the development of transport internal control policies for GDE.
Administer g-Fleet Vehicles accident, Damaged, stolen and loss of vehicle within the GDE.
Provide guidance with reporting of accident/damaged/stolen vehicles within the GDE.
Ensure that misuse and abuse of g Fleet vehicles are investigated.
Ensure that all users of government owned vehicles are assessed on their driving skills before they can be issued with the vehicle.
Ensure that all users of government owned vehicles and subsidized vehicles are inducted on vehicle policies.
Conduct preliminary investigation on fraudulent claims.
Allocate parking space within GDE.
Coordinate the acquisition of parking facilities.
Implement the parking policy.
Provide advice in all Parking related matters.
Supervise Staff.
Ensure that staff is kept abreast of all new prescripts and policies.
Implement the cost-control measures in line with the PFMA, Treasury Regulations and other internal budget-control policies in respect of official travel costs.

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