Senior Manager: Strategic Stakeholder Engagement & Communication

REF NO: BEE/SEC 013 Overview: Establish, maintain and promote strategic stakeholder relations, engagement and communication pertaining to the functions of the B-BBEE Commission.
CENTRE : Pretoria

Undergraduate qualification (NQF level 7) in Public Administration or Business at middle/senior management level in communication/inter-governmental relations.
The candidate must have proven strategic management and leadership capabilities, and be a strong communicator with the ability to interact and negotiate with various stakeholders.
media relations.
Additional requirements are excellent project management, problem solving.
financial management, report writing and presentation skills.
Knowledge of the Constitution, PFMA and the B-BBEE Act.

Ensure development and management of stakeholder relations and engagements: Lead the development of communication policies, strategies and plans.
Identify areas of collaboration/engagement with identified stakeholders.
Establish protocol with respect to stakeholder engagement and communication activities.
Report on engagements/collaboration with private and public sector and outcomes thereof.
Establish protocols for negotiations and procedures for implementation of specific agreements with enforcement agencies: Provide leadership in the development of protocols for negotiation with specific enforcement agencies.
Ensure development of procedures for signing of agreements and implementation thereof.
Ensure development, maintenance and implementation of partnership strategies and policies.
Present quarterly reports to the Executive Management Committee.
Establish working relations with regulatory authorities on matters of common interest: Ensure establishment of protocols for engagement with regulatory authorities.
Co-ordinate the development and implementation of a co-ordination framework.
Monitor co-operation efforts & success with other regulatory institutions and partners.
Present quarterly reports to the Executive Management Committee.
Ensure ongoing management of communication functions of the organisation: Ensure development of a Communication Strategy for the Commission.
Manage the implementation of the Communication Strategy.
Monitor communication activities and evaluate the impact thereof.
Manage the review of the Communication Strategy.
Present quarterly reports to the Executive Management Committee.
Ensure management and enhancement of the corporate identity of the organisation: Lead the development of a corporate identity management strategy.
Monitor implementation of 48 the strategy.
Ensure enhancement of the strategy/corporate identity.
Manage the management: Management of financial resources and assets of the unit.
Manage staff/personnel.
Manage the strategic planning of the unit and the execution of the operational plan.