Tradesman Aid Iii

REF NO: 200718/15
Branch: Operational Integration Eastern Cape
SALARY : R115 437 per annum, (Level 03)
CENTRE : Eastern Cape: Mthatha
CLOSING DATE : 20 July 2018

Applicants must be in possession of an Abet certificate (Ability to read and write).
One (1) to two (2) years relevant experience in Drilling Services.
Willingness to travel.
Good Interpersonal skills.
Must be prepared to work away from the office and camp in the field for long periods of time.
Able to work under pressure and independently.
Basic knowledge in maintenance of structures and managing the jurisdiction.
Basic disciplinary knowledge in Occupational Health and Safety.
Basic disciplinary knowledge in Public Administration.
Basic knowledge in supporting water utilization and water resource strategy.
Basic knowledge of flood controlling.
Basic understanding of government legislation.
Knowledge of administration in relation to the correct completion of forms.
Maintenance of hydrological gauging sites, power tools and equipment at dam sites and workshop.
Do maintenance in the Departmental offices including construction of survey services structures (gauging stations).
Assist with the maintenance at hydrology offices.
Adhere to all occupational Health and Safety regulations and ensure that protective equipment is used appropriately.
Safe keeping of power tools, equipment and property.
Do routine maintenance of power tools and equipment.
Do maintenance and construction at hydrological gauging sites.
Clean the working area.
Attend to all problems on gauging site and in the workshop.
Maintain departmental houses.
Cut grasses around gauging stations.
Paint gauging stations regularly.
Keep inlet hole to measuring box open.
Look for cracks in measuring structures and report defects.
Paint a mark above gauge plate.
Do maintenance of hydrological gauging structures.
Keep structures and their surroundings clean.
Keep embankments in good condition.
Holes on embankments must be reported.
Stagnant water on the embankments must be reported.
Ensure that Occupational Health and Safety is maintained.
Keep grids clean.
Clean the area around the recorder hut and cabinet.
Ensure that recorder hut and cabinet are locked.
Repair minor wash outs.
Keep equipment in the stores safe.
Keep grids clean.
Keep the store rooms locked always.
Repair equipment when necessary.
Update administration records.
Fill in the necessary information on records daily.
Keep register up to date.