Tradesman AidEden District

SALARY : R 90 234 per annum
CENTRE : Ladismith Community Development Centre
CLOSING DATE : 17 November 2017

Minimum requirement: Basic numeracy and literacy.
Experience: Previous proven experience in maintenance of buildings, premises, electricity, water systems, sewerage and equipment.
Inherent requirements of the job: Must be prepared to work overtime.
Valid Code B/EB drivers licence.
Willing to travel to clinics to do maintenance and perform courier duties.
Competencies (knowledge/skills): Maintenance skills: Building, Premises, electricity, water, sewerage and equipment.
Ability to work under pressure, do standby, work overtime.
Knowledge of the application of the requirements of the Machinery and Occupational Health and Safety Act.
Ability to communicate in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape.
Note: No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.

Control over tools, parts, materials, equipment, Medical Waste, gas supplies and Oxygen bank.
Assist with Handyman and Technicians in technical duties, maintenance and repairs, installations and emergency breakdowns at hospital and clinics.
Housekeeping maintenance of workshop, plant rooms and work areas to ensure clean and safe conditions.
Strict adherence to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
Maintenance of buildings and grounds.
Do official trips in most cost effective ways.