Trainee Planner – mrpsport

Learn to develop merchandise strategies for one or more departments through developing merchandise plans that will deliver budgeted profit through ensuring the right stock is at the right place at the right time to maximize sales and to minimize mark down.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy Development:
Learn to use insights from analyzing past sales and market trend analysis and market trend forecast and develop merchandise plans for future seasons in order to deliver profitable sales. Partner with the buyer in building an assortment through providing data and analysis to support decision making.

Analysis / Forecasting:
Learn to, with the Buyer, analyse trade in the current season in order to identify opportunities to maximize sales. Analyse sales of the current season in order to identify insights and opportunities for future forecasts as well as to react to current season to maximize profitability.
Stock Management:
Learn to track the level of inventory compared to sales, working to quickly turn around products, in order to minimize holding through considering promotional mark downs, inter branch transfers, promotions or product presentation strategies.
Stock Ageing:
Learn to track and manage the ageing of stock to ensure the ratio of stock is always fresh depending on the type of business and bench marks for those businesses.

University Degree: Business, Supply Chain and/or Finance related.

Retail experience (advantageous).

Knowledge/ Skills:
Knowledge of Apparel, Footwear, Accessories & Equipment.
Analytical skills.
Numerical skills.
Microsoft Office.
Communication and collaboration skills.
Commercial acumen.

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