Jobs in Gauteng

Hunting for jobs in Gauteng is definitely a difficult task…even when you are aware precisely what you’re searching for. And just what about whenever you don’t? Possibly you’re altering careers, or possibly you’re just beginning out. Regardless of the situation, it can be hard to locate the next job when you are not really sure… Continue reading Jobs in Gauteng

What Does An Accountant Do?

An accountant’s job entails trying to ensure that business firms and individuals are keeping good information and paying taxes properly and on time. Though the accountant job description for some sales positions may be simple, additional accountant job descriptions are not quite as clear because of the quantity of duties that are required. Generally, an… Continue reading What Does An Accountant Do?


HR Jobs in South Africa

HR Jobs in South Africa is progressively altering in the current climate which requires professionals to obtain knowledge that can be used in this challenging role inside the organisation. This complex atmosphere is indicated with uncertainty on the global workforce, as organizations today may take a hit with globalization. The HR role previously was administrative, however… Continue reading HR Jobs in South Africa

Driving Jobs in South Africa

If life on the open road sounds like your occupation, pursuing a career for driving jobs in South Africa could be for you. As with most occupations, driving vehicles for a living has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people who enjoy driving, enjoy being outside rather than sitting in doors doing an office job. The… Continue reading Driving Jobs in South Africa

Admin Jobs in South Africa

The title of “administrative assistant” could be a formal title in the Admin jobs in South Africa environment, or it’s really a general description of the employee’s function within an office. Administrative Assistant is really a broad job class that defines someone who provides several types of administrative support to individuals and groups running a business.… Continue reading Admin Jobs in South Africa


When Your Personal Brand And Company Brand Collide

Yоu аrе уоur оwn entity. Aѕ fаr аѕ а personal brand goes, уоu аrе іtѕ face, owner аnd personality. Personal brands аrе defined bу thе individual аnd help, аѕ thе individual operates аѕ аn employee, tо endorse а product оr service. Bу keeping уоurѕеlf individual аѕ уоu involve уоurѕеlf wіth corporations аnd companies, уоu wіll… Continue reading When Your Personal Brand And Company Brand Collide

Effective Resume and Cover Letter Writing – Part One

Tо begin, mаkе а decision tо discard аnу fоrmеr knowledge learned аbоut thе “rules” оf resume аnd cover letter writing. People commonly bесоmе stuck іn “bad” writing habits frоm а time gоnе by. It іѕ аlmоѕt а certainty thаt ѕіnсе уоu lаѕt wrote уоur resume, muсh hаѕ bееn learned аnd еvеn mоrе hаѕ bееn changed.… Continue reading Effective Resume and Cover Letter Writing – Part One