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The public sector, sometimes known as the state sector or even the government sector, is part of the country that are responsible for either the development, ownership, purchase, provision, delivery and allocation of products or services by that country. The public sector government vacancies would fall under national, regional or local/municipal.

Government employment went from 1.1-million to 2.8-million in the last twenty five years. So government now utilizes 1 in 5 employed individuals in South Africa, so that’s an astounding alternation in government’s attitude towards the work market. Rather than stimulating the economy and creating jobs the government, has adopted the road of making jobs directly and putting Government vacancies out there.

In the Government executing there core function, Education and Training also contributes directly to the creation of jobs through the employment of academic and support staff, as well as through a post-school infrastructure expansion programme. The Government Sector further provides a mechanism for skilling and development through individuals within the built environment

Applying for employment in the Public Service

Government vacancies in national and provincial departments are filled by prospecting serving employees or by inviting application from individuals who aren’t used in the general public Service. Openings in senior positions, i.e. the senior management service, should be marketed across the country for recruitment from within and from the external public.

As a rule vacancies are advertised in a Public Service Vacancy Circular compiled and issued weekly by the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA).

The Public Service Vacancy Circular informs public servants about Government vacancies within the Public Service. Persons who are not Public Service workers but are interested in the positions advertised should first find out from the advertising department if they can apply for the positions. The contact details of the advertising departments are provided in the Circular.

Some departments such as Defence may ask you to take a medical examination before taking into account your application.

What you should do

Download and complete Form Z83 (Application for Employment) from the DPSA website. You can also get the form from any national or provincial department.

Attach your curriculum vitae (CV) if necessary. The department may also ask you to attach certified copies of your educational qualifications, identity document and other personal documents. Please read the advertisement carefully to see what you should attach.

Submit the form to the department where the vacancy is available.

You may, depending on the approach followed by the relevant department, receive a letter acknowledging delivery of your application.

How long does it take?

The recruitment and selection process varies among departments, but the aim is to complete the process in the shortest time possible.

How much does it cost?

The application form is free of charge.

Forms to complete

(Forms are provided in PDF format. To open PDF documents, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4or higher installed on your computer.)

Application for Employment (Form Z83)

Who to contact

Department of Public Service and Administration


  1. Sthembiso Langa says:

    I will appreciate serving the public as an individual of unique skill and knowledge. I have currently completed my N6 and will appreciate serving under empowerment of my government

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