Sales Jobs in South Africa

When the word sales jobs in South Africa are mentioned to people they first think of 2nd hand car salesmen or telesales people that are phoning you at all hours of the day. Sales though are an extremely important part of any business as basically all businesses exist by selling goods or services to its customers. In nearly every sector sales job in South Africa exists in those companies. Sales are on the Forbes top 10 skills for 2013 that will get you a job in 2013. Various levels of sales jobs in South Africa exist from graduates to team leaders of sales.

Graduates of various degrees will be eligible for different sales roles. If you have studied towards a certain degree you will likely know more about that industry which could help you in your sales job in South Africa. Put this together with the ability to communicate, listening to your customer’s need is important to be successful in your sales jobs in South Africa. You will also need a degree of confidence for sales. You will need a good personality for face-to-face meetings as well as speaking over the telephone. You might get a lot of no’s in Sales Jobs in South Africa, so you need to learn not to get you down and must move onto the next sale. In order to do this you need a lot of ambition as you will have targets to reach which will help increase your salary.

Selling is about matching the right product with the person selling it. A way to succeed in sales is to listen carefully and help solve the needs and problems that your customer is facing. A way to be a great salesperson is too take the time to take responsibility of keeping your customers informed about developments in the products/services you are selling and by helping the customer utilise the new information. In order to grow your sales with your customers you need to strategise with your customer to find out which products/services will help the customer grow his business or add advantages to the company. Sales jobs in South Africa can be challenging and demanding so candidates should be prepared for a fulfilling job if they succeed.

If you have a great set of skills and personality that a sales job in South Africa requires, you may be able to earn yourself a top salary. However not all sales positions are nearly that exciting and high-paying as the top-end sales jobs. The lower level sales jobs are very monotonous, backup service, and lower risk to the company. An internal sales person would earn less than a successful sales consultant who is out there growing the business with new sales. Another obstacle to finding the right sales person seems to be salary.  Sales jobs  in South Africa usually have a compensation package that is based either entirely or in part on commissions. This can help you set your salary as the more successful you are the more you can get paid.

Sales jobs in South Africa vary, so it’s worth doing some research to find the type of position that will suit you best with your qualifications and experience. You may find that companies will advertise sales jobs in South Africa under various job titles. Various positions might include:

  • Business to business sales
  • Estate Agent
  • Sale Rep
  • Consumer goods sales
  • Account Manager
  • Media sales
  • Recruitment sales
  • Telesales
  • Internal Sales

When you are going for your interview for sales jobs in South Africa you will need to get your CV ready. This is not always easy and you will need to show your skills on the CV. An example of this would be that you increased sales 20% from your previous company and contributed to the growth of the company. A great cover letter will only be beneficial to the recruitment process. Your cover letter can include your sales achievements, qualifications and experience.

With lots of doorways accessible to you, there are lots of possibilities and varied roles available, so you’ll not be bored or seem like you are stuck inside a dead-end job. For various Sales jobs in South Africa visit the page: Sales Jobs in South Africa


  1. Patrick Mashitoa says:

    Hi my name is Patrick and am looking for a job. I have no experience I just finished my studies last 2015 at Tshwane South TVET College NQF Marketing Level 4.

    Thanks for your attention I will wait for your response.

  2. Marcus jibiliza says:

    Helo my name is Marcus and I am urgently looking for a job I am 23 years old and I’ve been waiting for two years now,I was a salesperson in 2013.

  3. clinton bantom says:

    i have nearly 10years experience in the motor industry. i have been physically working on cars and trucks for most of this time,but also sourced parts & had to sell as much parts as possible to clients without ripping them off.what is my chances of being considered for a positon as an assessor or a rep?
    kind regards….

  4. dear recruiter
    please accept my application as im applying for th post sales rep,internal sales as i d hv experience in that field,i will be highly apreciated as i hear respond
    yours sencerely
    katlego mmako(0732861985)

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