Accounting Jobs in South Africa is usually regarded as the systematic process of recording, confirming   and analysis of the business finances by monitoring its accounts due, accounts payable; and monitoring of assets, liabilities and cash flow. Essentially it’s a means of showing the financial condition of the business to the relevant stakeholders. All accounting or book keeping includes a standard group of accounting principles. This technique is known as GAAP or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and therefore are general rules that companies follow when recording their financial information. This technique helps in communicating to the number of stakeholders when reporting earnings and getting an audit.

There is a lot more to accounting jobs in South Africa than simply adding and subtracting amounts. If you are just starting out you would likely start as a junior accountant for the company planning financial statements, or auditing a specific clients account. Nowadays, accounting jobs in South Africa is extremely team-oriented where various people are responsible for different tasks.  The opportunity to communicate and cooperate with others is essential. You don’t need to become an expert in maths but skill in handling computer systems is recommended. Accountants also need to be vary careful in there work and must strive towards perfectionism. Much of your work will be performed digitally, and corporations will always be applying new electronic systems for posting and planning financial claims. In the end, you may be making choices worth huge amount of money, and when your conclusions aren’t 100% accurate, there might be serious consequences for all involved.

You will find many different kinds of accounting jobs in South Africa. Every facet of the company features its own unique kind of accounting guidelines. There are various daily transactions and are all essential towards the survival of the business. The accounting areas include:


•             Credit

•             Payroll

•             Taxes

•             Assets

•             Receivables

•             Payables

•             Public

Once the daily transactions are recorded this really is known as fundamental book keeping. These transactions are recorded as debits and credits and should always balance with what is known as the accounting equation. Using computer systems is making these transactions simpler to publish and work with the organization. Reviews of any sort could be created using the push of the mouse along with a quick snap-shop from the transactions and cash flows are revealed.  Preparing of various reports allow stakeholders to make key decisions. Examples of these reports include:

•             Statement of Profit and Loss

•             Balance Sheets

Many of these reports provide information about where the organization is headed. They will help determine if the organization is financially stable. They will also help decide the financial strategies of the organisation. For investors, they could find out if a business may be worth trading in.

One particular job description for accounting jobs in South Africa could be:


Title: Accountant

Job Summary: Provides financial information to management by researching and examining accounting data. Applies concepts of accounting to evaluate financial information and make preparations for financial reviews. Compiles and evaluates financial information to organize records.  Evaluates financial information detailing assets, liabilities, and capital, and prepares balance sheet, profit and loss statement, along with other reviews in summary current and forecasted company budget.

Accountant Job Responsibilities:

•             Prepares Asset, liability, and capital account records

•             Documents financial transactions

•             Provides financial advice

•             Summarizes current financial status by collecting information planning balance sheet, profit and loss statement, along with other reviews

•             Substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents.

•             Maintains accounting controls by planning and suggesting guidelines and methods

•             Prepares payments and verifies correct information

•             Complies with legal with financial legal needs by studying existing and new legislation

•             Maintains professional and technical understanding by attending educational training courses looking at professional guides creating personal systems taking part in professional communities.

•             Contributes to team effort by achieving related results when needed

•             Continuous control over economic climates and budgets

•             undertaking financial audits (a completely independent check of the organisation’s budget)

Accounting jobs in South Africa will be a rewarding step in your accounting career. Our listing of accounting jobs in South Africa will sometimes include graduate accounting jobs in addition to more senior roles in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Jobs in Accounting can be found on various levels as accounting services are sought after across numerous industries. Discover the perfect role to fit your qualifications and experience by searching through the website for various Accounting vacancies.

If you’re looking for Accounting Jobs in South Africa, try the website, where you can search vacancies, upload your CV and see what’s on offer.

Hunting for jobs in Gauteng is definitely a difficult task…even when you are aware precisely what you’re searching for. And just what about whenever you don’t? Possibly you’re altering careers, or possibly you’re just beginning out. Regardless of the situation, it can be hard to locate the next job when you are not really sure what you’re searching for. If a person began searching for employment today, there’s not a way of understanding how lengthy it will require. Make searching for employment your own job until you find one. It must be a 24-hrs-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 365-days-a-year job until you find one. I have known those who have taken two years to locate temporary work.

You will find still jobs in health care, education and IT, but getting a job in this tight economy as well as in these fields might take some re-education. You cannot just obtain a teaching job without having a diploma. It requires some time to reinvent your self. The word goes: “You can’t obtain a job without experience, and also you can’t get experience without employment” so get out there and be available and obtain the knowledge needed.

Youthful job searchers usually have faced this dilemma. In present day, the diminishing employment market, individuals with experience also have a problem with it. Whether or not they face a realistic look at a layoff, or basically the threat of one, many older employees are attempting to reinvent themselves to be able to become marketable inside a transformed economy. Whether you are searching for your initial job, switching careers, or re-entering the task market after a long absence, getting a job requires two primary tasks: understanding yourself and comprehending the employment market. Unemployment in South Africa is big and Finding the right career information and improving your job can be difficult, however with some assistance you’re going to get there.

You have to create a system of searching for jobs in Gauteng. By doing this, you concentrate on the procedure without needing to be worried about the outcomes. Keep an eye on the calls you are making and also the interviews you receive. With that method you can follow-up with the interviews.

Application procedure for Jobs in Gauteng

First factor you definitely need to have is a current and up to date CV. Your CV is an essential document for you and for the company looking for its first impression. Your CV is the representation of yourself as well as your advertisement into the job world. So make sure that it shows the qualities of why a company would want to hire you.

The right application procedure in finding work will help you find jobs in Gauteng. Firstly, send a proper resume cover letter, using the letterhead matching those of your CV when it comes to style and font (Unless of course specified otherwise this really is appropriate). You now wait a few days when they will contact you. Make certain to incorporate information inside your resume cover letter based on how to make contact with you. When you send this info, be sure that your application reaches the best person by contacting the company to determine the contact title (otherwise specified by advertisement).

Soon after days phone the employer to see if they’ve received the application. Make certain you are in a good mood, it will help to seem friendly and interested towards the person on the other line. Have your degree certificates and/or reference letters prepared to fax or mail towards the employer if requested. You would want to do this as soon as possible if requested, so that the person can remember your conversation.

A couple of days following the closing date, you may still phone to ask about the end result. Even when they aren’t thinking about employing you, it will help to request nicely the reason why you were not hired. Should you approach this negative response with an optimistic attitude and request you skill to enhance the chance the next time, or for the following job, it’ll make sure that you leave a great impression as well as assist you to improve. You may even obtain a call-back if the first person selected for that position decline the task!

Many people enter cycles with a handful of interviews and they stop. You cannot stop. Until you have the job, you don’t have anything. Individuals don’t understand that there is no such factor like a hidden employment market. You might not learn about it, but it is not hidden. Getting jobs in Gauteng is about catching the organisation at a proper time when they have to bring in help.

Résumé Mistakes for finding Jobs in Gauteng:

Writing the incorrect content

“They write content which means something for them rather than to some prospective employer. So you have got the résumé, plus they view it, and also the employer does not know what is they have written. Their game titles are wrong. It’s to mean something towards the person you’re writing it to, not you.”
Annoying formats with strange fonts, garbage, colours and large, full pages of only objectives, which get read in ten seconds, are not recommended. They would like to know what else you have done. Whom you have worked for and just how effective you had been in that job. When that does not hit them in the actual mouth, they dispose of your CV.

If you’re looking for Jobs in Gauteng, try the Jobs Gauteng website, where you can search vacancies, upload your CV and see what’s on offer.

HR Jobs in South Africa is progressively altering in the current climate which requires professionals to obtain knowledge that can be used in this challenging role inside the organisation. This complex atmosphere is indicated with uncertainty on the global workforce, as organizations today may take a hit with globalization. The HR role previously was administrative, however nowadays in South Africa organizations have recognized that, so for a business to achieve a strategic advantage, an employee’s originality should be thought about, with regards to what the organization expects to attain.

Since the year of 2010, those employed in HR have not had the very best of years. As companies reduced the amount of employees, HR employees needed to perform a great amount of the dirty work in various companies. Individuals employed in HR jobs in South Africa might have been in a position to transform the workplace into an enriching environment. Nevertheless this wasn’t the situation and the three greatest HR challenges are development, retention and engagement.  There however haven’t been much significant advances in this.

In recent years the role of the industry has switched to be considered a busy year for HR jobs in South Africa. You will find many issues within the place of work which have had national effects for those employees and potential employees in South Africa. Work unions have put more pressure than normal on salaries along with other problems that have incorporated strikes in a variety of industries through the country.

Issues such as these are going to continue and individuals in HR jobs in South Africa appear to become looking for a lengthy year ahead. Based on various recruitment firms and news reviews, the greatest priority for a lot of industries is to overcome the skills shortages that threaten South Africa. Lack in talent in lots of specialist areas may be the greatest threat to growth inside the country. Therefore the opportunity to overcome abilities shortages in a variety of industries will end up the determining sign of the use market this year.

A company’s strength is made on the standard of their employees in South Africa. As a result, HR is playing a progressively significant role within the company’s atmosphere today. Central concerns for just about any business will be to recruit the best candidate for the best job. HR professionals have responsibility for prospecting and retaining gifted employees, plus anything else that accompany taking care of employees. The moment a worker starts working for a company, from signing their contract to having to pay their wages and taking care of their training needs is caused through the HR personnel in South Africa. For this reason HR jobs in South Africa ought to be provided to individuals who can align the proper goals from the organisation towards the every single day objectives of operating a business.

Senior professionals considered once HR a “soft,” inevitable price of conducting business, accountable for compensation, worker transactions, company functions, labour force problems, and legalities. Three factors transformed this belief: the functional impact of high-performance Human assets management, the implications of poorly carrying out HR, and soaring HR operating expenses. These 4 elements have brought for an elevated demand and concentration on HR.

If you’re searching to enter HR, among the top jobs could be HR Executive. Below is a summary of the credentials that a HR executive should have.

Personnel Specifications for Human Assets Executive

Age – Over 30 it’s highly doubtful if anybody under 3 decades old might have acquired the abilities incorporated within this personnel specs.

Education – At the least a bachelor degree, ideally in psychology, the behaviour sciences, communication, or business and to possess a master degree running a business administration, behaviour sciences, or psychology.

Understanding – Modern management tools and methods for example organization, human resources, accounting and finance business planning controls personnel management tools and methods, including job evaluation, compensation, manpower planning, union relations, training and development knowledge of motivation, utilization, and recruitment tools, techniques, and practices.

Experience – A minimum of fifteen years of a lot more responsible, effective projects as specialist, supervisor, and manager inside a manufacturing enterprise, including.

Good luck in your job search for HR jobs in South Africa.

If you believe IT jobs in South Africa is all about turning computers on and off and playing computer games, then the IT industry is not for you. IT Jobs in South Africa are a lot more involved that is was a few years ago. We make use of the term Information Technology or IT to refer to an entire industry. In fact, it is using computer systems and software to handle information that makes up this Job Category. In certain companies, this is known as Management Information Services (or MIS) or just as Information Services (IS). The data technology department of a big company would result in storing and safeguarding information; processing the data; transmitting the data as necessary, and then locating information as when required.

If friends and family go to you when they’re having trouble with technology and if you’re a logical person with good problem-solving skills, then you may be the perfect candidate for IT Jobs in South Africa. But what would a person with an IT job do?

Someone with an IT job in South Aifrca would most commonly work for a company in their Information Technology or Computer department. This person would support the office staff of employees as it relates to their computers and everything that goes with it. Most people in an office environment most likely uses a computer now a days. You would help solve computer related problems to employees of the company. You will be participating in the IT department should you operate in a tech support job or like a helpdesk operator, so you will be monitoring and looking after the pc systems along with the network systems inside an organisation. You’ll be at the very busy front-line, dealing directly with employees or customers who have technical issues such as forgotten passwords, viruses or email issues. Tasks may include:

  • Installing and setting up computer systems
  • Diagnosing and resolving hardware/software problems
  • Logging customer/employee queries into the system
  • Analysing call logs to spot trends and underlying issues within the infrastructure of the company

Many people don’t get sound advice when their computer breaks, how to optimize there system, needs software updates, or how you can move their information in one computer to a different one. This is when your IT jobs in South Africa is handy within a company. This IT person will understand how to fix computer trouble for work staff therefore the office staff can get the job done more efficiently.

Another example of what an IT job in South Africa would do is managing the network servers for an organization. Network servers would be the backbone of the company’s business. For those individuals office employees who use PC Computer systems, all of their information and knowledge is saved on the much bigger and much more effective computer known as a web server. Network servers contain all the data within an organisation. They store data, they create sharing data easy more accessible to everyone in the organisation.

Network servers are very important to businesses and when they are not working right, the business could potentially lose hours of man power and money. This is why they hire specially trained people for IT jobs in South Africa. These IT professionals are specially trained to keep the IT department and all computers working efficiently.

An IT job in South Africa is most commonly some type of computer support job. The job titles for IT jobs in South Africa could be: Desktop Support Engineer, Computer Consultant, Programmer Analyst, LAN Engineer, WAN Engineer, Network Security Consultant, Database Programmer, CIO (chief information officer), Systems Administrator, Microsoft Administrator, Unix Systems Administrator.

Numerous job titles exist for IT Jobs in South Africa. Information I have provided are only some of the jobs from the IT industry. Underneath these groups, the list of job titles continues forever. IT professionals searching to locate new employment or upgrade their current positions should investigate job possibilities that address growing interest in technologies for example virtualization, cloud, network security and social computing abilities.

Typical work activities

IT tech support team officials mostly are accountable for the graceful running laptop or computer systems and making certain customers get maximum advantages of them. Individual tasks vary with respect to the size and structure from the organisation, but not include:


•           installing and setting up computing devices, operating systems and programs

•           monitoring and looking after personal computers and systems

•           talking staff/clients through a number of actions, either in person or on the phone to assist setup systems or resolve issues

•           troubleshooting system and network problems and figuring out and fixing hardware/software problems

•           replacing parts as needed

•           providing support, including procedural documentation and relevant reviews

•           following diagrams and written instructions to correct a fault or generate a system

•           supporting the roll-from new programs

•           setting up new users’ accounts and profiles and with password issues

•           responding within agreed deadlines to-outs

•           working continuously on the task until completion (or referral to 3rd parties, if appropriate)

•           prioritising and controlling many open cases previously

•           rapidly creating a great working relationship with clients along with other professionals, e.g., software designers

•           testing and evaluating new technology

•           conducting electrical safety inspections on computer equipment.


With lots of doorways accessible to you, there are lots of possibilities and varied roles available, so you’ll not be bored or seem like you are stuck inside a dead-end job. For various IT jobs in South Africa visit the page: IT Jobs in South Africa

When the word sales jobs in South Africa are mentioned to people they first think of 2nd hand car salesmen or telesales people that are phoning you at all hours of the day. Sales though are an extremely important part of any business as basically all businesses exist by selling goods or services to its customers. In nearly every sector sales job in South Africa exists in those companies. Sales are on the Forbes top 10 skills for 2013 that will get you a job in 2013. Various levels of sales jobs in South Africa exist from graduates to team leaders of sales.

Graduates of various degrees will be eligible for different sales roles. If you have studied towards a certain degree you will likely know more about that industry which could help you in your sales job in South Africa. Put this together with the ability to communicate, listening to your customer’s need is important to be successful in your sales jobs in South Africa. You will also need a degree of confidence for sales. You will need a good personality for face-to-face meetings as well as speaking over the telephone. You might get a lot of no’s in Sales Jobs in South Africa, so you need to learn not to get you down and must move onto the next sale. In order to do this you need a lot of ambition as you will have targets to reach which will help increase your salary.

Selling is about matching the right product with the person selling it. A way to succeed in sales is to listen carefully and help solve the needs and problems that your customer is facing. A way to be a great salesperson is too take the time to take responsibility of keeping your customers informed about developments in the products/services you are selling and by helping the customer utilise the new information. In order to grow your sales with your customers you need to strategise with your customer to find out which products/services will help the customer grow his business or add advantages to the company. Sales jobs in South Africa can be challenging and demanding so candidates should be prepared for a fulfilling job if they succeed.

If you have a great set of skills and personality that a sales job in South Africa requires, you may be able to earn yourself a top salary. However not all sales positions are nearly that exciting and high-paying as the top-end sales jobs. The lower level sales jobs are very monotonous, backup service, and lower risk to the company. An internal sales person would earn less than a successful sales consultant who is out there growing the business with new sales. Another obstacle to finding the right sales person seems to be salary.  Sales jobs  in South Africa usually have a compensation package that is based either entirely or in part on commissions. This can help you set your salary as the more successful you are the more you can get paid.

Sales jobs in South Africa vary, so it’s worth doing some research to find the type of position that will suit you best with your qualifications and experience. You may find that companies will advertise sales jobs in South Africa under various job titles. Various positions might include:

  • Business to business sales
  • Estate Agent
  • Sale Rep
  • Consumer goods sales
  • Account Manager
  • Media sales
  • Recruitment sales
  • Telesales
  • Internal Sales

When you are going for your interview for sales jobs in South Africa you will need to get your CV ready. This is not always easy and you will need to show your skills on the CV. An example of this would be that you increased sales 20% from your previous company and contributed to the growth of the company. A great cover letter will only be beneficial to the recruitment process. Your cover letter can include your sales achievements, qualifications and experience.

With lots of doorways accessible to you, there are lots of possibilities and varied roles available, so you’ll not be bored or seem like you are stuck inside a dead-end job. For various Sales jobs in South Africa visit the page: Sales Jobs in South Africa

When it comes to finding jobs in South Africa, you sometimes have to do more than just drop off your work history through an email. If you’re looking to find jobs in South Africa, or anywhere for that matter, you’ll need to get out of the mentality that many are stuck in, and start looking into a variety of tips and tricks that will land you the job of your dreams and get you moving forward. If you’ve been applying or looking around for jobs in South Africa with no luck yet, than consider a few things that might help to get you moving forward.

First and foremost, you should definitely look at the job search as your main employment for a time when looking for jobs in South Aifrca. You may not be getting paid to do it but if you treat it like a business you will find that you get better results. It is only when you take matters seriously that you will receive a return on your investment. Some people make the mistake of simply applying to everything open, but that’s only going to lead to lackluster returns. Instead of applying at random, take your time and focus on streamlining your methodology and process.

Once you start treating the idea of finding gainful employment, you’ll want to double check your cover letter and resume each and every time you apply at any given position. If you want to find jobs in South Africa, you’ll need to amend your work history to highlight your crossover appeal. Do not assume that you can simply waltz into a position based on your lucky alone, you need to have a strong background in multiple areas to get ahead. With that in mind, make sure that you work on your resume and write a new cover letter for each application you plan on submitting when looking for jobs in South Africa.

Jobs in South Africa are found in a variety of great cities, but you will find that you can’t simply throw emails around and hope you’re gaining traction. If you have the opportunity to call and inquire about a position, do it, as you’ll find that you’ll be in the minority. Often times, employers that are in dire need will hire over the phone if you call and say the right things. Make sure that you work on your communication skills so that when it’s time to find jobs in South Africa, you do so with ease.

Finding employment shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you stick to the ideas that are found in the preceding. Anyone can gain access to a great career, it’s just a matter of working on the search.

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